Clarkson and P&G work to trim innovation time-to-market
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 11:59 am

POTSDAM -- Building on a historical recruiting and research partnership, Clarkson University and Procter & Gamble have established a "master agreement" to create an even higher level of engagement between the two organizations to accelerate the product innovation time-to-market.

The agreement standardizes contract terms and intellectual property across all existing and future collaborative research projects P&G has with Clarkson University's research centers and faculty. By streamlining the processes that link research discovery with engineering innovation and commercialization, the company and its consumers will derive benefit sooner from new products and improvements to existing brands.

Clarkson President Tony Collins said, "To be among the select organizations in P&G's Master Agreement network is exciting recognition of the caliber of faculty research at Clarkson as well as our institutional commitment to work collaboratively with our partners to help them achieve their critical business goals and objectives."

P&G has been a full corporate member of Clarkson's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) since 2004. CAMP faculty contribute to advanced applications of nanomaterials and structures for a variety of skin care and health care research areas. Over the years, P&G has helped advance academic programs in engineering, science, math and supply chain management.

More than 110 Clarkson alumni work for the global company. P&G continues to actively recruit students from the university and utilize the expertise of Clarkson faculty to advance research priorities and business objectives.