Canton mammography service passes quality inspection
Friday, October 18, 2013 - 3:17 pm

CANTON -- Canton-Potsdam Hospital’s Canton mammography service passed its federal Mammography Quality Standards Act inspection recently.

The act was enacted to regulate the quality of care in mammography. It requires all mammography facilities to meet uniform standards and requires an inspection of the training and experience of radiologists interpreting the mammograms and technologists performing them, among other things.

“The Potsdam mammography suite will soon be due for the same rigorous inspection, said Stacie Woodward, director of imaging services. “We do not anticipate any issues as the mammography team at Potsdam conforms to and follows the same high standards as our Canton mammography team.”

“An essential part of our program is having a system in place for following up on mammograms that are abnormal, for obtaining biopsy results, as well as communication with both patients and providers, ” said Woodward.

The Canton team consists of Sue Hughes, Karen Coventry, and Faye Ori and is led by Joyce Foster, according to Woodward. “Their goal is to attempt to make the patient experience as comfortable as possible,” she said.

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