At $9.5 million, Luck Brothers of Plattsburgh apparent low bidder for downtown Canton road reconstruction project
Monday, April 9, 2012 - 5:34 pm

WATERTOWN -- Luck Brothers of Plattsburgh is the apparent low bidder for Canton’s two-year downtown U.S. Rt. 11 improvement project downtown. Their bid was for $9,550,868.03.

Bids on the downtown Canton project were opened March 22 by the state Department of Transportation in Watertown. While Luck Brothers submitted the low bid, a contract will not be awarded until early in May, 45 days after unsealing the bids. If Luck Brothers passes scrutiny, they will get the contract, set schedules, and begin work.

Approximately one mile of Main Street, U.S. Route 11 in Canton, will be substantially rebuilt, some intersections will be realigned, new water and sewer lines will go in, and sidewalks will be redone.

The work will continue all this building season and resume next spring, with the expectation that it will all be done by the fall of 2013.

The two summers' worth of disruption downtown has been worrisome to some downtown merchants, who fear that the downtown life of the village will be upset, including graduations and other social gatherings, and customers in shops and eateries. Their main complaint has been a lack of specific information on what work will happen where and when. The state DOT has said that actual schedules won't be mapped out until the contractor is on board, and that there will be several points of contact for information on request.

The work will involve a major rebuilding of the Main Street railroad crossing at Railroad Avenue and Jay Street.

Detours will funnel traffic north of downtown, but DOT said at least one lane of Main Street will be open almost all the time, with flaggers regulating flow as necessary.

During construction, doing work at night will be a priority where possible to minimize the length of the disruption, DOT said.