With 18 full-timers, Youngs Brothers lacrosse business on Canton-Potsdam Road continues to grow
Thursday, December 16, 2010 - 6:26 am


POTSDAM -- Youngs Brothers is stepping up its retail operation to include a full line of lacrosse equipment and apparel to go along with their custom-strung lacrosse sticks.

Owner Tim Youngs has quietly been building the lacrosse-stick-stringing business he began 12 years ago to the point where he now employs 18 full-timers just in that part of the business, stinging sticks for six national manufacturers.

“We’ve moved all the stringing to the back. The front is all retail now,” Youngs says.

He partnered up with DNR Printing of Edwards not long ago to expand opportunities for custom printing of T-shirts, and much more, and that has led to bringing in more apparel for sale at the store and workshop at 6589 US Hwy. 11 between Potsdam and Canton.

“Rusty and Deb Gotham have moved their shop here, and have been helping us with retail,” Youngs says. “They can scan a digital photo and print it on T-shirts, blankets, wood and plastic materials, even golf balls.”

“So we’ve been fine-tuning the whole place, getting it the way we want it. We’re ready for the holiday season now.”

Now in addition to their full line of lacrosse sticks, gloves, helmets and other gear – “lacrosse, head to toe,” Youngs says -- they now have hockey equipment, and apparel including shirts, shorts, sweatshirts including hoodies, hats, and lots more.

They are carrying the Warrior brand of New Balance lacrosse footwear, and hope to bring in more New Balance lines.

Meanwhile, in the back, what started as a small lacrosse stick stringing shop 12 years ago is now stringing sticks for national brands such as Brine, Warrior, Harrow, Easton, Tribe 7 and Onyx. And their position in the industry just seems to be picking up momentum.

“Brine took us out on the road last summer, to tournaments in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, all up and down the East Coast.” Youngs said. “We were custom stringing sticks right there and then.”

Since then he said, people they met on that tour have been getting in touch through their Web site, www.YoungsBros.com. Soon people will be able to order sticks with custom heads online, “in any color they like,” Youngs said.

“It just keeps growing. We hope to hire more, and maybe offer team uniforms before long.”

Youngs says Youngs Bros. might be hard to find unless people keep an eye out for the big Brine trailer next to the road in front of the store.

Their phone numbers are 265-4860 and 262-4135.

In addition to YoungsBros.com, they also have a Web site for the printing side at www.DNRPrinting.com.